Bury Hospice Corporate Challenge 2017


Take a look at how well our Bury businesses are doing in the first month of the Corporate Challenge. 

Some of them haven’t got off the ground yet but that’s only because they’re taking their time to plan some great events!

With the support of our sponsors, Millgate, and Maker Industrial Products, we have given all of our teams five months and £50 to turn it into as much as they can! It is a great opportunity to demonstrate an organisation’s  creativity and resourcefulness, to motivate staff and encourage even greater team spirit in the workplace. It’s also a great way to forge stronger links with clients and suppliers too! 

By supporting an inspiring local charity, you benefit from your association with the Bury Hospice brand and by supporting our cause, you will have employees who are proud to work for you and clients who are proud to be associated with you. 

There are an infinite number of great fundraising ideas – the only limit is your imagination!  Put your thinking caps on and see what you can come up with to make your money grow!

results will be announced on Awards Night!

corporate leaderboard!

No Business Total
RUNNING TOTAL £19,083.84
1 Rakem £8,130.00
2 PMM Accountants £1,408.00
3 Stables Country Club £1,360.00
4 Garic £1,350.00
5 Crown Oil 5 - Team Ant £1,149.35
6 Crown Oil 9 - Team Vicky £856.00
7 Bury Market £600.00
8 Crown Oil 7 - Team Paul £500.00
9 Bury Chiropractors £431.84
10 RBS Bury £429.76
11 Crown Oil 2 - Team Kim £381.80
12 Crown Oil 4 - Team Alexa £380.20
13 Crown Oil 6 - Team Colin £150.00
14 Crown Oil 3 - Team Lisa £132.00
15 The Bolholt Hotel £105.89
16 Gem Business Support Ltd £89.00
17 Crown Oil 1 - Team Chris £70.00
18 Crown Oil 8 - Team Tracy £60.00
19 Bury Football Club £0.00

Businesses taking part

Where’s Bob? We were looking within our immediate radius for ideas. The boss from Bury Chiropractors came up to ask what we were doing and we had to tell her a little fibula – he looked very sternum and walked away muttering. So, we don’t know where Bob is, but best of luck with your search…..
PMM cake sale at Waterfold Business Park raising £235.
Rakem held the Maker Baker ‘bake off’ to raise cash for the Bury Hospice Corporate Challenge.
A great effort from everyone in each of our departments including winner, Caitlin Rafferty!
Thanks for those who popped in to buy our scrumptious cakes, especially Birthday girl Claire from Airmatic.