What Our Team Say

Perhaps one of the best ways to get an idea of what Bury Hospice is all about is to hear from our team…

Hospice staff

Our aim is to give our patients, along with their families and friends, all the care and support they need following diagnosis of a life limiting illness. From expert medical care to counselling and a wide range of other support services, hospice life is very different to a hospital. Just like them we cater for in-patients, day visits and other options, but our surroundings are designed to be homely and comfortable.  We pride ourselves on the warm welcome you will always receive; our aim is to help you live every day in a way that suits you, with the very best medical care as you need it.

Supporters / Volunteers

We are people who understand just how important Bury Hospice is to our community. It has touched the lives of all of us in many different ways, and we appreciate the hard work that goes into making the hospice such a welcoming place to spend time. That’s why we volunteer to help the hospice in a variety of ways, from donating money or time to organising events, running collections or simply donating money or time.


We just wanted to write and thank you for the lovely care which you gave to our mum for her last days. As a family we were feeling very alone in a sea of referrals and protocols when you stepped in and took over, and relieved us of the anxiety of trying to work out the best thing to do.”

“You saw us through our darkest hours.”

“Sensitive care and devotion.”

“I just wanted to thank you all for such a memorable remembrance service. We were all given time to reflect. It was a beautiful and dignified tribute.”

“Without you it would have been impossible to have managed at home. For that I am forever grateful.”

“You’re sent deep thoughts of gratitude and thanks beyond all measure.”

“It is difficult to find the words enough to thank you for the most wonderful and gentle care.”

“Thank you for the gentleness and kindness that you gave our Mum.”

“Your knowledge, understanding and excellence of your skills made her final weeks and days comfortable and pain free. That was our promise to her and through you we were able to fulfil it.”

“You made me feel secure at a very flaky time. I shall never forget your kindness and care of all of us.”

“You are angels in disguise.”

“Your professionalism and care will always be remembered.”