Get Involved

Community fundraising is the heart of every charity but at Bury Hospice it is more than just a pound from your pocket.  Our Hospice has been built by you, the people of the Borough of Bury.  You are helping to provide outstanding specialist care for your neighbours.

Whilst we still have volunteers collecting in the High Streets, Community Fundraising at Bury Hospice is much wider than that. Clubs, adult groups, play groups, schools, colleges, pubs, restaurants and shops all support us by taking part in fundraising or organising events or activities on our behalf.

If you are part of any of these groups or organisations, why not get involved?  It is great fun and rewarding too. You will be making a real difference to your local community.

Favours is important to Bury Hospice with many people choosing to support Bury Hospice by asking for donations instead of gifts on birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and retirements.