Gifts in Wills

Gifts in Wills means making a real and lasting contribution to one or more charities in your will. It is one of the most effective ways in which can help us, as it is a vital source of funding for Bury Hospice. Many people think that Gifts in Wills has to be a large sum of money. However, any amount will make a real difference to us as the care of one in five of our patients is paid for each year by gifts left in wills. It was also gifts left in wills that allowed us to pilot our hospice at home – now one of our core services.

If you leave us a Gift in Will, it will be exempt from inheritance tax, capital gains tax and income tax. It costs you nothing now, but it can do a huge amount of good for generations to come.

For advice on making or changing your will, you can contact the fundraising office who can put you in touch with a solicitor in your area. Contact Mary Franklin on 0161 725 9800 Ext. 206 or email