This post was written 11 months ago and therefore may not be as accurate as more recent posts.


“I have made friends for life here,” Val, Bury Hospice volunteer

“There’s only so much shopping, visiting and cleaning you can do.” 

That’s one of the reasons that long serving volunteer Val Turner gives for helping out at Bury Hospice.

Widow Val, 70, is a mother of four, grandmother of 12 and great grandma of four but, for 12 years, has found time to spend two days a week volunteering at the Rochdale Old Road charity.

“I love doing it, I have made friends for life here and I think I get more out of it than anyone else,” said Val.

Val was a psychiatric nurse at Prestwich Hospital and then Hope Hospital, now Salford Royal.

She retired after 40 years and that’s when she decided to volunteer her spare time to Bury Hospice.

“My daughter’s friend had treatment at the Dumers Lane site, I had helped to look after her at home, and I wanted to do something when I retired.

“I started off in reception and then I moved onto Day Services, I help out in the in-patient unit, I attend the Remembrance Service to offer support in whatever way I can and I even help out in the kitchen when needed, anything really.

“It’s so rewarding. I get such a lot out of it, it keeps me involved and I am never bored.

“I love the people here, I help the patients, talk to the relatives, work with the staff and I love everything about Bury Hospice and what it stands for.”

Val was rewarded for her long service with the Volunteer of the Year award in October last year at the Bury Woman of the Year event.