Day Services

Attending the day hospice gives people with a life limiting illness the opportunity to talk about things that matter to them with our staff or other patients – particularly useful for those who may otherwise feel isolated.Just getting out of the home to meet and socialise with others can help everyone’s general wellbeing. We offer a range of activities and therapies such as quizzes, arts and crafts, games and performances, and find there is often much laughter, with people finding the time to relax and unwind in others’ company.

Attending the day hospice

Following referral, we arrange an assessment so that we can make sure patients are able to travel to and from the hospice safely, offering advice and support if equipment or adaptations are required. We may also refer to other organisations or professionals if there is a need, prior to or instead of attending the day hospice.

Ongoing assessment and discharge

Patients who attend the day hospice may be seen by the hospice doctoron the day or given an outpatient appointment, with further medical review in the following weeks if required. Regular assessments and reviews are provided for all patients.

We aim to discharge patients at the end of their placement. We also have a system of re-referral for those who benefit from the social interaction, or we may offer referral to Council-run day centres.