Newly Prescribed Medicine Provides Patient With Relief From Sickness

Allan & Hilary 001

Allan and Hilary Richardson

Allan Richardson’s cancer journey started in March 2023 when he began having problems swallowing food.

He said: “I was having to take painkillers, and I was hiding it from my wife.”

“It got to point to where the only way I could eat food was with a drink to enable it to go down.”

Allan’s wife, Hilary, persuaded him to go to the doctor. 

The couple met Dr Caradoc Morris, Consultant in Palliative and End-of-Life Care at Bury Hospice, soon after receiving the diagnosis of Allan’s terminal tongue cancer.

Allan started radiotherapy but began experiencing immense nausea and vomiting immediately after the treatment.

He felt nauseous all the time, with every movement. He had to sit upright and still in one position each day to avoid being sick. 

Hilary said: “Allan was not just feeling nauseous – he was sick in the middle of the night, and he would be vomiting during the day.”

“If he wasn’t sick, he was feeling sick.” 

Allan said: “The feeling of sickness was just as bad as being sick.” 

He found that none of his many medications helped to stop the constant nausea and vomiting that he was experiencing. 

That was until Dr Morris prescribed a new medicine to Allan, which Hilary describes as being a ‘magic pill’.

The pair noticed an immediate difference. Within ten days, almost all of Allan’s other anti-sickness medications were able to be drastically reduced.

Hilary said: “The [cancer] journey is bad enough, but being so horrifically sick is the worst.”

“At the beginning of this, I remember Allan saying to me ‘just don’t let me be in any pain.’ I just tried contacting people, week after week, pleading with them to stop it, until the care team here [at Bury Hospice] were involved.”

She added: “[The team has been] fantastic. Nobody should ever have this [cancer] journey but everybody has been amazing; the palliative care team has been there when you’ve wanted to speak to somebody; when you need somebody.”

“Everybody’s amazing – it’s just like you’ve known them forever; they are comforting, they know how to deal with people, and most of all, Allan’s been prescribed the magic pill – I just don’t have the words for it.”

Now on the new medication, Allan no longer experiences the tremendous bouts of sickness that he once did. 

Hilary said: “For me to see Allan not sick, […], and not be sat frightened […] is just completely different.”

Allan is now able to do activities that he wasn’t able to do before.

He said: “It’s stopped completely; I don’t even feel sick now, which in itself is a miracle.”

Hilary added: “He’s just having some form of quality of life because he had absolutely none at all. […] To eradicate the illness and then have Allan feel like he can play the keyboard or paint, (which he’s teaching himself), is life changing; it’s fantastic.”

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